Recently the State of Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services created a state plan amendment to include a new way to provide comprehensive coordinated care to persons who have medical and/or behavioral health needs.

What Is It?

An Integrated Health Home is a team of professionals that will work together with persons who have Medicaid to coordinate care across medical, behavioral, and social care providers. It is focused on the whole-person and is client-centered so that the individual has a central voice where he/she can feel heard and supported. The Integrated Health Home team will also work together with clients to help eliminate barriers for access to needed care. The goal of the team is to ensure that providers are communicating so that services can be provided in the most efficient and effective way. For example, if you see a doctor at Greater Elgin Family Care Center, a therapist at Family Service Association, and you work with a case manager at the Township, an Integrated Health Home Coordinator will work together with all of those providers to ensure there is a coordinated assessment, treatment plan, and that you, as the client, are getting your needs met.

The Integrated Health Home team includes medical professionals, behavioral health professionals, social service professionals, and substance use professionals. The care team has the ability to consult with doctors and licensed professionals to ensure that care plans are being carried out effectively.

When and Where Does It Happen?

Managed Care Organizations and Integrated Health Homes will work together to provide care coordination. The team will meet with each member monthly in a place that is convenient to that member. These appointments can take place before or after other medical appointments or they can happen at a totally different time and in places other than traditional office settings.

Who Does The Service and Who Gets The Service?

Healthcare and Family Services will use claims data to determine who is eligible for Integrated Health Home services. If you have had medical or behavioral health claims that have indicated a certain set of criteria, then you will be eligible for the service. This data gets re-evaluated every six months.

Family Service Association of Greater Elgin Area has applied to Healthcare and Family Services to become an Integrated Health Home called: Family Service Association Integrated Service Coordination. Our focus is on clients who have been assigned to Tier B which indicates that they have behavioral health needs. As of this writing, our application has not yet been approved but we anticipate that it will be in the very near future.

What Now?

You will likely be contacted by your Managed Care Organization if you are eligible for this service. They will ask you to choose a provider for this service. We want you to know that we would feel privileged to be your Integrated Health Home provider of choice. Pick Family Service Association: Integrated Service Coordination for your Tier B care coordination needs.

If you have further questions about this, I would urge you to talk to your clinician about it. Or please reach out to us at: