What is ISC?

Integrated Service Coordination (ISC), is the linking process for any individual seeking out services with FSA. Its department is staffed with dedicated helping professionals focused on helping the needs of children, adolescences, and their families to achieve their highest quality of life. Staff members include: Clinical Care Coordinators, Intake, and Psychiatric Case Managers.

What is ISC's Goal?

Client Service Coordination

ISC’s primary goal is to assist with linking to additional services at FSA. This is first done by completing an assessment with one of our Clinical Care Coordinators, who will then assist with identifying which programs will best fit and support your needs. Clinical Care Coordinators will remain in contact after linkage to continue to support the individual / family throughout treatment with FSA.

What else does ISC help with?

Clinical Care Coordinator’s, as well as Psychiatric Case Managers also assist with locating community resources, and can help with multiple needs such as: completing applications for medical coverage; locating available transportation options for appointments; or locating and connecting with other community partners. ISC aims to reduce any barriers that can “pop up” during treatment.

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