Zombie hand

Come join FSA for our very first MONSTER MASH! Dinner, Dancing, Costumes, Prizes ... Oh My!

October 26, 2019
6:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Senior Services - 205 Fulton Street. Elgin, IL.

Witch Costume
Witch Costume


We encourage everyone to come in costume!

There will be unique awards for different types of costumes.
(Please, remember this is a family agency. Someone might bring their kids.)

There will be a photo booth to capture your creative selves!


Lemon chicken

FSA will provide the Main Course. Two options will be available: Lemon Chicken and Vegetarian. We will also provide coffee, water, and soft drinks.


There will be a DJ after dinner and awards so that you can actually boogie the Monster Mash!

Table Captains

We are looking for 20 table captains to bring some creativity, fun, and energy to a new kind of fundraising event!

What is a Table Captain you ask? Let us tell you!

The table captain plays host to their table. The Table Captain:

  1. 1) Invites enough guests to fill your table of 8.
  2. 2) Decides the theme and brings appropriate tableware (dishes, silverware, drinkware, napkins) to decorate the table. We suggest disposable as facilities to clean dishes are extremely limited.)
  3. 3) Provides side dishes to the main courses or coordinate with your guests.
  4. 4) May bring wine or beer for the table or coordinate with your guests.
  5. 5) Pay $350 for the table to FSA. (You may collect a per seat charge from guests on your own. FSA is only selling complete tables.)

Table captains will have access to senior services as early as 10am to decorate the table. There will be an award for the best table design so get your creative juices flowing and bring your A game!


If you are interested in being a table captain, reach out to Bernie May at 847-695-3680 or bmay@fsaelgin.org or Vern Tepe at verntepe@gmail.com or 630-632-9811.