Tony Rigano

Tony Rigano

Board Member

I am a Sergeant at the Elgin Police Department. My areas of expertise include:
Investigations, SWAT, Firearms Instructor, Close Quarters Battle Instructor, Crisis Intervention Team Instructor, Field Training Officer, Advanced Evidence Technician, Gang Specialist, Drug Specialist, Juvenile Officer, Advanced DUI Investigator, and Reid Interview and Interrogation Certified.

My law enforcement career began as an officer in the Bairoil, Wyoming Police Department in May of 2003. I achieved the rank of Seargent and remained as such until I was hired by the Elgin Police Department on April 7th, 2004, where I have been employed ever since.

In total, I have spent 8 years as a patrol officer working day shift, afternoon shift, night shift, and 4th watch. I spent 2.5 years as a Resident Officer in the Resident Officer Program of Elgin (ROPE) between 2006 and 2009. ROPE is a program aimed at using Community Oriented Policing to reduce crime in a high crime neighborhood. I began working as an Investigator in June 2013.

In July of 2018 I began an innovative detective position aimed at conducting follow up visits for people with mental health issues who encounter the police to ensure they are in touch with the appropriate services. Additionally, I co-founded the We Can Help initiative with now retired Commander Trost at Elgin PD and conduct follow ups on non fatal overdoses in the Elgin community, aimed at offering services for addiction help.  I co-created an innovative unit at the Elgin Police Department called the Collaborative Crisis Services Unit. This unit consists of detectives and mental health professionals who have the task of addressing mental health, substance use, and homelessness in the community through unique partnerships.

I am currently the Sergeant in charge of the Special Investigations Group (SIG) at Elgin PD.

Why I chose FSA: Having been involved in the mental health and criminal justice systems in Elgin for 20 years, an area I’ve taken particular interest in involves juvenile treatment. FSA provides a unique corner of the mental health treatment market in serving diverse population of our youth, and I wanted to be a bigger part of that.