Program Description

The Therapy Service Program provides a full array of comprehensive mental health services which may include: crisis intervention, pre-hospital screening, mental health assessment, treatment plan development, case management, client centered consultation, community support, psychiatric evaluation, medication monitoring and individual and family therapy.

The Therapy Service Program addresses the problems and needs associated with youth, adults, seniors and their families who are experiencing emotional disabilities and/or family dysfunction. The purpose of the program is to reduce the negative affects of emotional disabilities on individuals and their families.

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Client Forms

Additional Services

  • The Mental Health/Juvenile Justice Program offers services to youth who are or have been in detention and involved with the criminal justice system and may have an untreated mental illness.
  • The Family Linkage Program provides case management and conflict resolution groups to youth in the community.
  • The Family Support Service Program offers support service to clients experiencing adaptive functioning deficits that may include social isolation, difficulty attending to daily living skills and poor social skills. This service will assist the client in functioning at his or her highest level and may prevent the need for more restrictive placement.


A person is eligible for services if they present with severe emotional disturbance, as evidenced by a mental health diagnosis defined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5. The agency provides service without discrimination regardless of race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, national origin, disability, veteran's status or marital status.

Service Area

The agency serves the following Townships: Elgin, Hanover, Dundee, Rutland, Hampshire, Plato and Burlington.


Administrative and Therapy Offices

  • Address: 1752 Capital St. Suite 100, Elgin, IL. 60124
  • Phone: (847)695-3680.
  • Fax: (847)695-4552.