Addicted To Interns

It is a joke within Family Service Association that I am addicted to interns and do not know how to identify that I have had enough. As with most jokes, there is at least some truth to it. I love, love, love working with interns! They come in so full of life, excited, with fresh ideas and ready to save the world! I am reminded of a younger version of myself that shared those same feelings. I still maintain a lot of passion for my work, but it comes in a different form.

Family Service Association of Greater Elgin Area provides opportunities for internships for Master’s level Counseling, Psychology, and Social Work degrees. All of these aspiring social service professionals come to FSA looking for ways to advance their skills and put to use some of the information they have been learning in the classroom. It is one thing to [...] Read more

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Available Internships

FSA offers internships to undergraduate and graduate students from social work, psychology, family therapy and related programs. FSA is looking for individuals who are interested in working with youth, adolescents and their families and require a six-month commitment for the duration of the internship.