Program Description

The goal of Community Mentoring is to provide mental health rehabilitation interventions and supports necessary to assist clients in rehabilitative, resilience and recovery goals while in his/her own environment. In this way, the service goes beyond treating symptoms and works to assist a client in achieving optimal functioning as defined by the client and their family.

Interventions and activities are targeted to develop the client's capacity to manage his or her symptoms, foster the ability of the client to reduce symptoms as much as possible, and assist the client in promoting stability in his or her life. Community Mentors work with the clients and their families 1:1 in their natural environments by role modeling coping skills, teaching life skills, and becoming a support towards the client's goals.

In collaboration with primary therapists, Community Mentors assist clients in developing new skills such as improved communication and social skills, healthy habits to improve mood stability, and symptom management that help them achieve their identified treatment plan goals. They may work on educational goals, community integration goals, and/or goals aimed at developing healthy family relationships.


Persons are referred to Community Mentoring through SASS, Therapy Services or MHJJ at FSA. It must be determined that this service is recommended in the comprehensive assessment. If referral is to be considered, primary clinician will discuss this service with the family/client to ensure an interest in this service and in turn will build the service into the Individual Treatment Plan if all are in agreement.