State Of Illinois Budget Crisis

The State of Illinois legislators ended the Spring session on May 31st in Springfield with no budget for fiscal year 2017 that begins July 1, 2016 and STILL no budget for the current fiscal year 2016 that started July 1, 2015!

What this means for Family Service Association (FSA) is that the State of Illinois has not paid a penny on our grant for our Mental Health/Juvenile Justice Program or for Individual Care Grant services since July, 2015. FSA has continued to provide this service and we are paying for this program with agency reserves while we wait for the State to pay the bill for these contracted services.

It also means that FSA did not receive a contract for psychiatric leadership funds to help us pay for psychiatric services for children, adolescents and their families that are struggling with a mental illness. Imagine if you were a diabetic or if you had a heart condition and your insurance company decided to not pay for the services of your doctor to treat your condition.

It seems that human services in Illinois are in peril of closing due to sheer neglect. Many agencies have already closed down psychiatric services or programs that they cannot continue to fund with reserves or bank loans.

FSA is committed to staying open and will continue with our regular mental health programing as long as we can. We are in the process of putting together a budget for fiscal year 2017 with very little financial information to go on from the State.

Please continue to contact your legislators and beg them to come to a budget agreement for this current fiscal year and the next. The human service sector is dependent upon a budget resolution in Illinois.

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