FSA In The Community - Nov 2017.

Family Service Association of Greater Elgin Area (FSA) values our role in our community. We have been talking about some of the different groups that we belong to and this month is no different. Elgin Human Service Council is a group of Not-for-Profit leaders that gather together with the purpose of collaborating, innovating, educating, advocating, and celebrating around the strong network of human services in Elgin. Here you can find out a lot about the goals of the Council as well as the organizations that participate in the group.

This group has allowed for a venue in which public and private partnership is possible. The Council has worked closely together with the City of Elgin with a goal of ensuring that all residents’ needs are met.

One of the strong takeaways for me in participating in this group is the vast array of services that are available. Take a look at the info-graphic on page 5 that represents this so well. Human Service organizations employ over 570 people in the Elgin area community which gives so much back to the economy.

Overall the Council members share of vision of a healthy and vibrant community. These members are working each and every day to help Elgin realize that goal! FSA is grateful for the opportunity to serve the Elgin area community and this group helps us to do that in an effective and efficient manner.

Next month we will bring you more information about our community involvement.

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