Updates to SASS

The State of Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services (formerly known as Public Aid) is undergoing a Behavioral Health Transformation. There are many changes that have taken place and will be taking place in the months and years to come. One of the first changes impacted our SASS program as of August 1, 2018. SASS has long been known for its mobile crisis response to youth in a mental health crisis. The services that we have provided in the past will continue. Now, our mobile crisis response services are also available to all Medicaid eligible adults as well.

Anyone across Illinois can access the CARES line at 1-800-345-9049 for a crisis. CARES will determine if the person meets eligibility criteria for a mobile crisis screening by their local SASS agency. If eligible, CARES then contacts the local SASS agency to dispatch them to the site of the crisis. If that person is currently located anywhere in Kane or Kendall counties, FSA would be the agency to respond to the crisis. We have 90 minutes from the time we receive the call to get to the location of the crisis if it has been deemed safe for all involved. A crisis worker engages with the parties involved to determine the best level of care to meet the needs of the person in crisis. They then assist in getting access to that care recommended.

Traditionally, youth in SASS receive 90 days of aftercare follow up after the crisis. This is not necessarily the case for those over 21. We will provide options for service and make referrals to those options.

We look forward to being able to provide a comprehensive crisis response system to our communities. We are grateful to our many other mental health providers in the community for working together with us to get people to the care they need.

If you have further questions about this service, please reach out to us! We’d be happy to talk to you!

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