Building Supports For Kendall County

2020 has been such an eventful year, it is almost hard to believe it is only July. The beginning of this new decade has brought up a lot of impactful waves of change. An individual’s ability to positively cope and feel supported during all this may not seem as important to them. However, providing appropriate and accessible mental health services during this time is still a priority for us. FSA and SASS have such a strong connection to the communities they work with. Some may be surprised the reach FSA has across all of Kane county and down to Kendall County. Kendall County is a smaller but rapidly growing county that consists of both suburban and rural communities. Although Kendall County is seeing a large expansion to its educational services and consumer goods, it still lacks the access to appropriate mental health counseling and psychiatry at all levels of care.

Residents have to travel well outside their county to have their needs met. For some families, the time commitment or ability to travel that far is not realistic for long-term care. Through SASS, we have tried to bridge the gap between higher levels of care and moments of crisis with long term services. We currently offer case management and therapy in the Kendall County community for individuals who find themselves in crisis. SASS meets our client’s where they are at and provides care accordingly. Despite the lack of options in the area, SASS therapy has attempted to support our community members in getting their needs met, regardless of the varying degrees.

Starting this month, Kendall County will have access to new resources through our agency. We are very excited to announce that Kendall County now has a Support Specialist. Kirsten, our Kendall County Support Specialist, will provide additional services of therapeutic mentoring and crisis stabilization to client’s in the community. The addition of a Support Specialist for our clients helps them transition through a time of crisis with supports and resources that meet their level of needs. The support specialist program is a wonderful addition to an area that will thrive having these additional options.

Help all of us at FSA welcome Kirsten into this new role and stay tuned for exciting things to come from Kendall County!

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