Staying On and Strong during the Covid19 Outbreak

Family Service Association of Greater Elgin (FSA) staff is set-up to work remotely allowing us to continue providing care for our families. We are here and we are 100% operational.

We know people are struggling right now. Manage your self-talk to help shift your mindset during this pandemic. Look for the positive stories of recovery and community supporting each other.

Do you know how to stay healthy?

  • Only going out for essentials
  • Washing your hands
  • Physical distancing

Are you worried about the uncertainty of where this will lead?

Focus on what you can control, your actions. Find creative ways to help yourself during this difficult time.

  • Do some breathing exercises
  • Call your loved ones
  • Make sure you are eating nutritious foods and getting adequate sleep
  • Get some fresh air while practicing social distancing
  • Take breaks from social media if you’re feeling overwhelmed
  • Speak to a friend, counselor or mental health provider

Stay strong and know that FSA is here and available to help.

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