Reflections on Life During COVID-19

Never in my wildest dreams or imagination could I have known how COVID-19 would impact and change our world. But as the months progress I reflect upon how this time will shape us and help us to grow as an individual, community, nation and world.

Nothing about this experience is normal, we are all moving through uncharted territory. So, remember that whatever you are experiencing, it’s important to know that it is okay. It is okay to be exhausted. It is okay to be frustrated. It is okay to be sad and lonely. It is okay to be confused. Whatever is it – it is okay! Just remember to be kind to yourself.

In spite of all of this uncertainty, it is important to consider our ‘perspective’. Our lives are filled with a myriad of experiences that shape us and help us to grow. I encourage you to ask yourself, “what and where is my focus?” Do you spend time blaming and judging others and the broken systems or do you focus on the communities and people that are joining to support each other? When I feel stuck, I refocus my thoughts and attention to where I can be of help or possibly create change. It is the small or simple gestures can be a lifeline of encouragement and support to others.

So, what can you do? Take time to video chat, call or send a message to let someone know you are thinking of them. Leave a few groceries or baked items at your neighbors’ door. Make a homemade card or offer someone a compliment. And if you have more time or means, there are many opportunities to volunteer at a food pantry or crisis center and even make a donation to a cause that you support.

Regardless of where you work and what you do, this pandemic provides us all with a shared experience that connects us. I encourage you to read The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz as a way to reduce suffering and help transform current experience into one of freedom, love and peace. The four agreements:

  • First Agreement: Be Impeccable with your word
  • Second Agreement: Don't Take Anything Personally
  • Third Agreement: Don't Make Assumptions
  • Fourth Agreement: Always Do Your Best

So, as we transition through this pandemic and all of its growing pains, maybe the four agreements can give us pause and help us move into the next stage of our evolution.

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